Charles Grodin

Charles Grodin is a longform improv group featuring Philip Amler, Joe Hartenstine, Eric Pedersen, James Tierney, and Lars Weborg. They joined forces while working together on the late, great Electric Mayhem at the iO Theatre. Since then, they have performed at nearly every improv venue in Chicago. Charles Grodin shows do not follow a strict improv form; instead, they find form on the fly, meaning that the shows come to exist as improv "worlds" unto themselves, with specific rules, characters, motifs, and themes. The first few scenes and occurrences of the show are an unspoken promise to the audience as to the content they can expect to see throughout the show--unlike a montage, the show builds on itself, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It's also full of very dumb and funny stuff. P.S. Long live 3033!